I'm a photographer, filmmaker and content creator. If I try to define myself with other words I would also say that I'm an adventurer, a people-lover, a yoga addict, an outdoor enthusiast and someone that never seems to fit in boxes!! I'm originally from France but the last 6 years I lived in the US, Singapore, Switzerland, Berlin, Barcelona and now Bali... my curiosity about the world and its people has no limit. And one of my best adventures so far has been the one that got me into photography!

Amina is a self-love coach. She was about to launch her new program “body of your dreams”, sharing how we are perfectly imperfect already. We had a beautiful and deep session together where she trusted me to go further than she usually does in photography. It was a beautiful moment of trust and connection to herself and between us! It planted the seed in me of seeing photography as a therapy, as a way to embrace our bodies🌹. To discover Amina’s beautiful work: @amina_sutter