There are so many sides of you: the dreamer, the adventurer, the best friend, the lover, the parent, the sensualist, the professional, the freedom seeker…

I’m here to capture all of your facets. To tell your inside story. To remind you how powerful you are.

My question is, do you see it?

Yes you, the beautiful and badass woman that I see! 

Hey You!

"She believed she could,
So she did"

I Shoot all around

the world

I have now lived in 8 countries, 3 continents, 12 cities including New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon… and visited many more!  I got the REAL travel bug and decided to integrate this passion completely in my career by offering photoshoots all around the world.

HERE ARE SOME DESTINATIONS I’VE done photoshoots in 


Bali, Indonesia

Reunion Island




I will always be more than happy to travel to you wherever you are, so please feel free to ask! But in the case you prefer to join me, here is where I will travel in 2023.

HERE ARE my future destinations for  



As I have a completely nomadic lifestyle at the moment, I'll update the list frequently! Subscribe to my email list or follow me on instagram to stay updated!

costa rica








California, USA


(south, paris, annecy, lyon)


(south, paris, annecy, lyon)





Weeks are passing by and I still keep a magical memory of our encounter. Tinted of sunshine, colors and many laughs!
You knew how to make this moment unique and beautiful! Your guidance, your attentiveness and your sensitivity made this experience magical. The result is incredible but so is the journey! I'm proud of these photos that I love to look at and show to my closed ones from time to time, as little treasures. It was a beautiful gift towards myself, on my path to more confidence and self-love. It would be a pleasure to cross your path again, little sunshine! Many kisses!"


Before our session I felt pretty nervous, because I was always very uncomfortable in front of a camera and I would normally 'freeze' when somebody was taking a picture of me. That meant that my pictures never looked natural, you could clearly see I wasn't relaxed. Emilie is amazing at making you feel comfortable no matter how new or foreign the experience of a photoshoot might be for you. The more we were progressing the more I was relaxed and I can say I even enjoyed it at the end! Which is something I would've never expected!!! I loved the pictures, because I felt they really represent me and my work. I definitely recommend working with Emilie, because she knows how to make you feel at ease, she understands branding and takes really beautiful pictures! 

Maja, 2022


I lived such an incredible photoshoot experience thanks to Emilie: I recommend her with all my heart and closed eyes! I laughed and I trusted her completely (and it's rare that I say that). She really succeeded to put me at ease despite my shyness. Her talent for photography is undeniable and it's a BIG push for my project to have worked with her.
If you're searching for a extraordinary photographer, you found her. Thank you Emilie and I'll see you next time for sure!

Tanit, 2022


my name is


I’m a creative soul that wants to make the world a better place one portrait at a time! I’m an adventurer, a fierce Scorpio that loves to live life to the fullest. Making you shiiiine gives me SO MUCH life! 

Want to know more about me?

Trust me, I’ll make stand out from the crowd by showing the world how badass you are woop woop!! And I’ll help you embrace and celebrate the beautiful body that mother earth gave you. It’s time and you know it! 

And I’m wayyyy too excited that you’re here!!

you already know i'm your 

I’m SO happy that I may be the lucky one to photograph you! Go fill in the form now to receive all the information about the amazing experience we’re gonna have together!

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