What brings you here?

There are so many sides of you: the dreamer, the adventurer, the best friend, the lover, the parent, the sensualist, the professional, the freedom seeker…
I’m here to capture all of your facets. To tell your inside story. To remind you how powerful you are.

My question is, do you see it?

Yes you, the beautiful and badass woman that I see! 

Hey You!





Emilie has an exceptional talent as a photographer

A technical expertise yes, but most importantly a kind, artistic and sensitive eye that makes the whole difference. This session allowed me to deeply reflect and move forward in my project, my branding and what I wish to share with the world. Emilie brought my vision and expectations to life perfectly. I was impressed by her work and the beauty of the final images. You can explore everything with her, without any taboo, it’s really freeing! Don’t hesitate to work with Emilie and to meet with the generosity of her heart and her talent. Thank you Emilie!” 


Emilie is a talented photographer, her ease and fluidity makes you feel very comfortable. She knew how to make my personality shine and she possesses a very poetic eye on her models. Her mysterious analog pictures are also full of gifts and surprises and they’re very different from usual digital pictures. I’m delighted with our time spent together and I’ll make sure I do a session with her again!



the photoshoot was like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Not only Emilie is a talented and professional photographer, she is profoundly human with a huge heart and a beautiful sensitivity.



A moment out of time and space

my name is


I’m a creative soul that wants to make the world a better place one portrait at a time! I’m an adventurer, a fierce Scorpio that loves to live life to the fullest. Making you shiiiine gives me SO MUCH life! 

Want to know more about me?

Trust me, I’ll make stand out from the crowd by showing the world how badass you are woop woop!! And I’ll help you embrace and celebrate the beautiful body that mother earth gave you. It’s time and you know it! 

And I’m wayyyy too excited that you’re here!!

you already know i'm your 

I’m SO happy that I may be the lucky one to photograph you! Go fill in the form now to receive all the information about the amazing experience we’re gonna have together!

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Want to up your game when taking pictures of yourself and others?

You look at your favorite content creators and you always wonder how they take such good pictures by themselves only using a phone? You seem to be stuck with always the same composition, poses and never understand how to use the natural light properly? Trust me, I gotchu!! 

In this video I’ll share with you 10 tips to take better pictures of yourself and others. I’ll share with you my best tips to improve your pictures with almost no equipment and impress your friends or followers along the way!

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