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"What an experience in your presence! You made me live a moment out of time.
You know how to give us confidence in one look (which you can see in the photos) and thanks to you, we feel beautiful and glowing. Two feelings that are so important and yet that we forget on the daily basis, you remind us of them during this unforgettable experience.

Way more than photography, it's the human first and for that, thank you. You give such an enjoyable dimension to photography. You shine in what you do, you have golden hands and you know how to show the beauty of the present moment by diving deep in who we are. Thank you Emilie and see you very soon! "


"Weeks are passing by and I still keep a magical memory of our encounter. Tinted of sunshine, colors and many laughs! You knew how to make this moment unique and beautiful! Your guidance, your attentiveness and your sensitivity made this experience magical.

The result is incredible but so is the journey! I'm proud of these photos that I love to look at and show to my closed ones from time to time, as little treasures. It was a beautiful gift towards myself, on my path to more confidence and self-love. It would be a pleasure to cross your path again, little sunshine!"


I lived such an incredible photoshoot experience thanks to Emilie: I recommend her with all my heart and closed eyes! I laughed and I trusted her completely (and it's rare that I say that). She really succeeded to put me at ease despite my shyness. Her talent for photography is undeniable and it's a BIG push for my project to have worked with her.

If you're searching for a extraordinary photographer, you found her. Thank you Emilie and I'll see you next time for sure!


You cannot imagine the waves of emotion that ran through my body when I saw my photos! I even had trouble finding the words to express it at the time...! I have never felt so beautiful, radiant, free, and serene! It's even more beautiful than anything I had imagined. You were wonderful from the beginning. You listened to me and understood my personality, my values, and what I wanted to embody deep within myself to bring out and immortalize in photos! The work you do is just magical!

I know that every time I feel down, or doubt myself, ... I can look back at my photos to remind myself of the serene, radiant, inspiring woman that I am and who is full of confidence!  If you're searching for a extraordinary photographer, you found her. Thank you Emilie and I'll see you next time for sure!


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"I know that every time I feel down or doubt myself, I can look back at my photos to remember the radiant & inspiring woman that I aM!"

Heyy, I'm Emilie!

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I'm absolutely thrilled that you're here! Being able to capture your beauty and show it to you is what truly sets my soul on FIRE! To me, photography goes way beyond the images, it's a journey of self-discovery and celebration of oneself! It's an opportunity to embody and anchor your unique story, to create memories that you'll cherish forever!
I'm SO excited to start this adventure together!! 

French nomadic portrait photographer, free-spirited soul and life lover!

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