I believe photography can transform the way you see yourself and your relationship! In a world where we consume images daily and there are so many opportunities to compare each other, it's not easy to fully accept ourselves. Trust me, I know the feeling. That's surely why my mission is so important to me! 

I’m here to offer you one more step towards more self-love. An experience and a safe space where you can express all parts of you! The wild, the bold, the shy, the cute, the crazy, the ambitious, the sensual... There is no limit! You will tap into your power and remember your true worth!

I'm also here to capture your deeper bonds : the lover, the daughter, the mother, the friend... We will create memories that you'll be proud to share with the important people in your life and future generations!!

«I needed that suspended moment in time together to not be afraid anymore to reveal myself to the world as I am. »

Why I can’t wait to PHOTOGRAPH YOU!!

PortraitS & Branding

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Starting from $1800

Branding & content

+ You're the face of your brand and know you need authentic photography (and videos!) that sets you apart and makes you stand out from the crowd!

+ You want to elevate your brand and visuals, be more coherent, professional and aligned. You also need enough diversity so that the photos will last you for months!
+ You want to be part of a collaborative process and learn along the way working with a real brand strategist! 

+ You're looking to sell a specific program or product and need an impactful and personable way to share your message!


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For the freedom seekers, the change-makers, the creatives souls and the entrepreneurs that want to share their story in a deeper, more meaningful way.

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Starting from $2500


For the wild and free women that need an eternal reminder on how beautiful and unique they are!

+ You're looking to live a new transformative experience that will be a big step into your self-love and self-acceptance journey

+ You quickly feel uncomfortable or vulnerable in front of the camera and you want to work with someone that knows how to create a beautiful and safe space where you can truly be yourself!

+ You want to create memories or anchor a transition you're going through (new job, breakup, disease, pregnancy...). You want to be able to look at these photos and always remember how far you've come and how beautiful and powerful you are!


Starting from $1800

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Let's start the journeY!


This is for the mothers that want to capture the journey to create life and the bond they share with their little ones.

+ You have an adventurous soul and you want to live a new experience that will connect you even more to the beautiful transformation your body is going through

+ You have tons of photos in your phone but none that is worth printing or framing! You dream of having these beautiful photos to look back at in a few years and share with your kids when they grow up

+ You want to celebrate and anchor a big milestone in your motherhood journey: pregnancy, birthdays, special event... This is a unique gift idea to yourself or your loved one! 


Starting from $1800

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The steps of the Experience


This step is all about getting to know you!

Free discovery call to see if we're the right fit

Questionnaire to dive deeper into your world

Welcome Guide with tons of tips  


Creative meeting to  align our visions

Moodboards creation & presentation

Personalized styling tips & location scouting

Checklists to prepare stress-free! 


It's the photoshoot day!! It's time to have fuuun!!  

Makeup and hair if you took the option

Complete posing and styling guidance

Count on me to make you forget the camera!


2-3 weeks after, it's your reveal session!

It's time to discover your fully edited photos!!

Delivery in a beautiful online gallery!

Tips on how to use the photos + pick products





love notes


I had an experience in my body, going through a process of self-love and of research of a new encounter with my image. Emilie is a guardian of women, she knows how to create a safe space of trust and vulnerability. I bared myself in every sense of the word, and she dressed me in gentleness and laughter to accompany me.

I thank her for freezing time and capture these images that make me feel so beautiful. And I invite you too, to dive into her gaze to discover your own.




This experience transcended me and moved me deeply. I became conscious of my body, of my place and it was a magical moment of reconnection. Connection to my heart and my body. Letting go the movement. Having another gaze upon me. 

I can only recommend Emilie for this experience. Good listener, she knew how to reassure me, understand my needs and guide me the whole time. Creative, she found a magical place to let my body, my smile and my movement express freely. Professional and human, she was present from the start to the end, with such a radiant and bright energy that I felt at ease quickly and I knew I could trust her from our first contact. I'm thrilled and honored to have been guided by Emilie. She made my experience incredible and I had a lot of fun so I could let go. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



love notes

First of all, THANK YOU! Thanks to you, I see myself as I am, I'm not focused on my complexes anymore and what is "not pretty" on the image. I look at myself in all my entirety. I can finally say that I find myself pretty, look at myself without judgment but with love and kindness. 

I feel like a woman, pretty, radiating, complete and I truly feel that I needed that suspended moment in time together to not be afraid anymore to reveal myself to the world as I am. So, THANK YOU for your patience, your kind look upon my body and my being, for your way of putting us women at ease to make us shine. Whatever part of our body we don't like, you have the gift of showing us the best and it's the most beautiful gift you can give to a woman that is very judgmental towards herself. Accepting our complexes to transform them in a strength, that's your magical superpower and what a power!




vos mots d'amour


How do I get the full pricing details and book a photoshoot?

Contact me directly by filling in this form! I'll send you all the details about pricing and a link to book our first free discovery call!

How long before my ideal date should I book you? 

The sooner the better to make sure I still have availability! Otherwise, I recommend at least 3-4 weeks to live every step fully but I've done plenty of successful photoshoots in less than 2 weeks too! 

How do the payments work? 

When you book, you'll pay a sitting fee upfront to block your date. After our photoshoot, you'll choose which collection of photos you'd like to purchase. You'll receive your photos once this second payment is done.

What if I have to cancel or if it’s raining on our shoot day?

I usually plan for 2 photoshoot dates to make sure we can work around the weather! And if it's still raining for both dates or you need to cancel, we'll find together a new date that works for us both! The sitting fee is non-refundable.

When will I receive my final images?

2-3 weeks after our photoshoot, you'll select your favorite photos and you'll receive them in a beautiful online gallery! 

I'm not photogenic and/or I don't know how to pose. Is that a problem?

Being photogenic is a myth!! Everybody can look good in pictures with the right photographer. I’m used to people that never posed before and I love to see you transform while I coach you every step of the way! So don’t worry, you’re gonna look BEAUTIFUL!

You are super ready
to start this experience

I can't wait to capture your essence and what makes your story unique! 

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