I'm fascinated by love. Human connection is what I value the most in this world and it's mind-blowing that I get to capture it as my work. 
I'm not your classic photographer that makes you pose and have pretty photos. Many people can do that. No, what I want to offer you is a full experience. 

I want to get to know you so I can reflect your truth. My hope is for you to leave our session feeling even more in love and feeling like you had a real and profound moment of connection. And trust me, the photos will be the reflection of that.

Why I can’t wait to document your bond

You are here because you have found the
one you love

I create a safe space for all couples to express themselves fully. I want to capture these little things that moves you both. The kiss on the hand, the pulling the hair back behind her ear, the belly busting laughs, the deep gaze that show how deep and meaningful your bond is. I tailor this experience fully to YOU! 

You may want photographs to anchor a milestone, an engagement, an anniversary or a pregnancy announcement. But you'll also get to see your true essence and what brings you together, today and always.


The steps of the Experience


This step is all about getting to know you!

Free discovery call to see if we're the right fit

Questionnaire to dive deeper into your story

Welcome Guide with tons of tips  


Creative Moodboards to  align our visions

Personalized styling tips with inspirations

 Locations research & propositions

Checklists to prepare stress-free! 


It's the photoshoot day!! It's time to have fuuun!!  

An evening of shooting during the golden hour

Complete directing and styling guidance

Count on me to make you forget the camera!


2-3 weeks turnover to discover your photos!

Delivery in a beautiful online gallery!

Available in high and low resolution

To print some, I'll guide you through the products







Couples Session




Send me the details!!


This is for wildly in love and those that love deeply and want to capture authentic photos and lifelong memories of their bond.

+ You have an adventurous soul and you want to live a new experience that will connect you even more with the people you love and create unforgettable memories  

+ You have tons of photos in your phone but none that is worth printing or framing! You dream of having these beautiful photos to look back at in a few years and share to future generations

+ You want to celebrate and anchor a big milestone in your relationship: engagement, anniversary, birthday, pregnancy... This is a unique gift idea to yourself or your loved one!


Get in touch for full price list

Summarise what...The purchased version of this template includes the complete explanation and/or example text for each section. The purchased version of this template includes the complete explanation and/or example text for each section.

+ 10 Hours Coverage
   i’ll be there from start to finish

+ High resolution photos
   perfect for print

+ Low resolution images
    perfect for sharing on social media
+ Online slide show & gallery
   to share with family and friends

+ Online Slide Show with music
   sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day

+ All photos on a wooden usb
   for easy accessibility and sharing

+ Custom wooden box with prints
   delivered to your door with TLC


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Write a little about this package and who it is best suited for here. On senditi senderio et reium que non con estrum nullaceptar.

+ 8 Hours Coverage
   i’ll be there from start to finish

+ High resolution photos
   perfect for print

+ Low resolution images
    perfect for sharing on social media
+ Online slide show & gallery
   to share with family and friends

+ Online Slide Show with music
   sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day

+ All photos on a wooden usb
   for easy accessibility and sharing


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Here are my core values and my approach to photography.
Take a minute to go through them to make sure we're the right fit! 

I'm not the photographer that will make you pose awkwardly and shoot very static photos. I'm all about directing you rather than posing you. I'll guide you with natural prompts so you can just be yourselves!! My goal is to catch authentic, natural moments when you forget I'm even here!

In my philosophy, it's the human first and the camera is my tool. Through this experience, I take the time to create a safe space and connect with each person. I don't see you as a client, I truly see you as friends. I believe that creates a deep trust between us that allows me to do my best work!

What I love about photography is to immortalize the beautiful, raw, pure emotions in us. It's to document honest connection and your true essence. Nothing and nobody is perfect, so that's not what I'm looking for. I will capture the real and the intimate with a sincere eye.

My style is never set in stone. I adapt my way of shooting, directing and even editing to each story and person. I aim to recreate the feeling of the moment because those are timeless. I value your memories deeply!

Love is love. I create a safe space for any person that resonates with my work. LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples will be welcomed with open arms, I'm always honored and grateful to portray all humans.

As I value connection over everything, I created a full experience. You'll never have to second guess anything, you'll just have to trust me and show up. That also means, you can tailor your experience however you want it and there is no rules!! I would even say, I'm always up for a challenge!

As I offer full experiences, there is a lot that goes behind the scenes. I want to be fully present and give my 100% for each person so I limit the number of sessions and weddings I take in a year. It's always good to contact me as soon as you think you might want to work with me. 

Here are my core values and my approach to photography.
Take a minute to go through them to make sure we're the right fit! 

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Limited availability

love notes

Danielle + Jacob

Emilie shot beautiful maternity photos for my husband and me. She made us both feel so comfortable and at ease right from the start, and made the whole process so light and happy! It’s quite a skill to make a 38 week pregnant mama feel beautiful but she did just that. The photos turned out amazing and we are so grateful that Emilie captured this special time in our lives! I cannot recommend her enough.



Absolutely amazing experience. To be honest, I thought these kind of pictures "only worked with others". But no, Emilie does make the magic work on everyone.
I'm not only amazed by the quality of the stunning results, but also by the easy Emilie managed to put us at. We're absolutely not models and never really like to be photographed, but we had a nice time, and these pictures are unforgettable memories. We highly recommend this magical experience.

Delphine + Max




Margo + Max

What an experience in your presence! You made us live a moment out of time. 
You know how to give us confidence in one look (which you can see in the photos) and thanks to you, we feel beautiful and glowing. Two feelings that are so important and yet that we forget on the daily basis, you remind us of them during this unforgettable experience. 

Way more than photography, it's the human first and for that, thank you. You give such an enjoyable dimension to photography. You shine in what you do, you have golden hands and you know how to show the beauty of the present moment by diving deep in who we are. Thank you Emilie and see you very soon! 



love notes


How do I get the full pricing details and book a photoshoot with you?

Contact me directly by filling in this form! I'll send you all the details about pricing and a link to book our first free discovery call!

How long have you been a photographer for?

I have been a full-time professional photographer for more than 4 years now. I first focused on portraits while being nomadic and I recently put my suitcases down in California with my husband! Now I shoot portraits, couples and intimate weddings!

Where are you based? Do couples travel to you for photoshoots ?

I'm originally from France but I'm now based in Mission Viejo in Southern California. I also return to France and Europe frequently, I'm always up for an adventure as travel as always been one of my biggest inspiration! My base prices include all trips in California (or where I am) and I do often have couples or people that traveled to me for their photoshoot! Check all my future destinations here.

How do the payments work? 

When you book, you'll pay a 30% retainer upfront to block your date. The remaining 70% will have to be paid the week prior to the photoshoot. You'll receive your photos once this second payment is done. The retainer is non-refundable.

What if I have to cancel or if it’s raining on our shoot day?

The good thing about having years of experience is that I'm very well equipped to adapt to any weather situation! I often find it's by going with what nature offers that create the most beautiful and spontaneous situations! However, if the weather is bad to the point that it would damage my gear, we can obviously find another date and postpone! 

When will I receive my final images?

You'll receive your photos 3-4 weeks after our photoshoot in a beautiful online gallery! I offer a rush fee for those that need urgently their whole gallery.

How many images will I receive? 

I don't limit the number of photos anymore. For the purpose of telling your story fully and expressing my creativity, you'll receive all the good images that we created. I do guarantee a minimum of photos depending on the collection you choose but the most important to me is that you have all the details, angles and perspectives of our moment together. I don't behold any memory from you! 

Do you give unedited, RAW photos? Do you photoshop us?

I don't, the photos are not truly done until I apply my creative vision fully which includes my editing. My philosophy with editing is to only remove things that are temporary like a bruise or a pimple! I don't alter bodies or change things that are parts of you. If you're really self-conscious about a specific area of your body, we can obviously talk about it and I'll take it into account on the way I pose you!

Do you help with the planning process? Do you help us with what to wear? 

Absolutely! My approach is a full experience and for me it's very important that you feel supported all along the way. You'll receive a full preparation guide and I'll give you personalized recommendations on locations, outfits and accessories! I got you all the way!!

How does covering travel expenses work?

My travel fees are already included in my price guide depending on where you are. This way there is no unexpected, extra costs!

Do you shoot videos too? Super 8 or digital ?

I offer video as an add-on and it can be digital or Super 8 film depending on what you prefer. It's often going to be my husband Eddie that will shoot it or his brother Renato who is a very talented videographer.

What if we are really awkward in front of the camera and don't know how to pose? We're not photogenic! 

Being photogenic is a myth!! Everybody can look good in pictures with the right photographer. I’m used to people that have never been photographed professionnally before and I love to see you transform while I guide you every step of the way! It's all about creating that safe space between us. So don’t worry, you’re both gonna look AMAZING!

You are ready to
start this ADVENTURE

I can't wait to capture your love and what makes your story unique! 

get all the info!


Elopement/INTIMATE Weddings

Your journey’s just begun

An intimate celebration

After eloping in California with my husband, I developed a strong sense of meaning on capturing such an important life event for others! These are the memories you'll cherish forever and share with future generations.

I'm all about the small candid moments, the emotion-filled reactions of your beloved or your family. I will capture the moment and never stop it as the most important thing is for you to be fully present on such an important day.

I thrive in capturing elopements and intimate weddings of less than 40 people. This allows me to truly connect with most of your family so I can create the most beautiful memories for you all.

This is where my photography journey started, crafting personal experiences for women that want to see themselves differently and for entrepreneurs that want a brand that shows their true essence.

Photography can be an incredible tool on the journey of self-acceptance and love, So whether you want to live this experience just for yourself or to be able to share the photos to the world, you'll leave with a whole new look on yourself,

This can be a whole separate experience you want to live or the intention sessions are offered as an add-on to Couples and Wedding photoshoots.